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Travelling Collection

Here we list information about items from our collection on display in other venues. For the latest information, please consult the individual venues.

■Silent Beauty. Nordic and East Asian Interaction

Works / Materials on loan:
Aoyama, Yoshio, Pots, 1970s
Asai, Kan'emon, Still Life with Onions, 1948
Koito, Gentaro, Morning East Breeze, 1954
Tanaka, Takashi, Hill, 1956
Tanabe, Miematsu, Fiord (Norway), 1965
Chokai, Seiji, Landscape with a Trench, 1939
Hamaguchi, Yozo, The Sun and Butterfly, 1969
Hara, Seiichi, Sakurajima Island, 1950
Hara, Seiichi, Lava in Sakurajima Island, 1950
Migishi, Kotaro, Winter (Garden with Snow), 1928
Yamaguchi, Takeo, Plan, 1958
Yuno, Seiichi, Landscape, 1960
Yunoki, Samiro, 8 works from Night Pictures, 2005

■Polish Posters for Films -- 100th Anniversary of Poland-Japan Diplomatic Relations

Works / Materials on loan:
Mlodozeniec, Jan, Klute, 1973
Mlodozeniec, Jan, Direction of Bernardo Bertolucci: Il conformista, 1974
Mlodozeniec, Jan, Direction of Paolo and Vittorio Taviani: Padre Padrone, 1978
Starowieyski, Franciszek, Italian Film Starring Gina Lollobrigita: Un bellisimo novembre, 1970
Starowieyski, Franciszek, Film of Krzysztof Zanussi: The Illumination, 1973
Starowieyski, Franciszek, Direction of Wojciech J. Has: The Hourglass Sanatorium, 1973
Swierzy, Waldemar, Film of Andrzeja Wajdy: The Wedding, 1972
Swierzy, Waldemar, Film of Ingmar Bergman: Cries and Whispers, 1974
Swierzy, Waldemar, Direction of Andrzeja Wajdy: The Promised Land, 1974
Erol, Jakub, Film Polski presents the film of Haakon Sandoy: DAGNY, 1976
Erol, Jakub, Mandingo, 1978
Flisak, Jerzy, Direction of Ettore Scola: Ugly, Dirty and Bad, 1978
Mroszczak, Marcin, Nona, 1974

■SUMIKAWA Kiichi: A Retrospective

Works / Materials on loan:
Sumikawa, Kiichi, Mask, 1966
Sumikawa, Kiichi, Mask VI, 1967
Sumikawa, Kiichi, Mask, 1975
Kikuchi, Kazuo, A Seated Nude - Two Rhombus, 1960

■The Potentiality of Drawing

Works / Materials on loan:
Matisse, Henri, 15 pieces from Jazz, 1947

■Hoshun Yamaguchi and Olympic Festival

Works / Materials on loan:
Yamaguchi, Hoshun, Party, 1960
Yamaguchi, Hoshun, Banquet (Sketch), 1960
Yamaguchi, Hoshun, Banquet (Sketch), ca.1960
Yamaguchi, Hoshun, Copy after Admonitions of The Instructres to the Court Ladies (1), n.d.
Yamaguchi, Hoshun, Copy after Portraits of Thirty-six Great Poets, 1927
Yamaguchi, Hoshun, Copy after the Portrait of Mrs. Hosokawa, n.d.
Yamaguchi, Hoshun, Copy after Scroll of Mounted Bodyguards at Play, n.d.
et al.

■Kanda Nissho: A Retrospective

Works / Materials on loan:
Ebihara, Kinosuke, Farewell to My Friend, 1951
Ebihara, Kinosuke, On a Riverside, 1962

■Yunoki Samiro

Works / Materials on loan:
Yunoki, Samiro, Toco, 2004
Yunoki, Samiro, Goo Goo, 2004
Yunoki, Samiro, Kiki, 2004
Yunoki, Samiro, Toco, Goo Goo and Kiki (Sketchbook for Picture Book), 2004