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Travelling Collection

Here we list information about items from our collection on display in other venues.
For the latest information, please consult the individual venues.


Two Journeys: Aoki Shigeru and Sakamoto Hanjiro Commemorating the 140th Anniversary of Their Births

Works / Materials on loan:
Aoki, Shigeru, Truth,Goodness,and Beauty, ca1905-1906


Works / Materials on loan:
Lee, Ufan, Correspondance, 1992
Lee, Ufan, From Winds, 1983
Lee, Ufan, Correspondance, 1992
Lee, Ufan, Relatum:Silence, 1979;2005
Lee, Ufan, Relatum, 1984

Something which has the form of the atmosphere-nothing which isn't seen and shape and something by which I have them here

Works / Materials on loan:
Isamu, Wakabayashi, Vapor from a Dog, 1968
Isamu, Wakabayashi, Model of the Measurement of the Space before My Eyes Ⅲ, 1979/1998
Isamu, Wakabayashi, Possession,Atmosphere,Oscillation-Recollections on Cotton, 1984
Isamu, Wakabayashi, [Drawing 1999.03.29-018], 1999