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Yamaguchi Hoshun, Beach, 1950

Yamaguchi Hoshun, Beach, 1950, Private collection

The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama

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Yamaguchi Hoshun

21 October - 24 December 2006

YAMAGUCHI Hoshun (1893-1973) had left a grand mark on contemporary Japanese painting. After starting off as an oil painter, he quickly changed his artistic direction to Japanese painting and joined the Shinko-yamatoe-kai (New Yamato-e Painting Society) which specialized in traditional style Japanese painting. After careful study of the works of past masters, he painted Mikumano no Nachi no Oyama (Nachi Mountains in Mikumano, 1926) of which he received special mention in the National painting exhibition and had then been purchased by the imperial family.
    In search of new expressions, he joined the Rikucho-kai formed by artists of Japanese and western paintings and art critics. In 1942 he painted a record of war Honkonto Saigo no Sokogeki-zu (Last Attack on Hong Kong Island). After the war, he had produced many paintings such as, Sanko (Mountains and Lake, 1947), Hama (Beach, 1950), Natsu no Insho (Summer Impression, 1950), contributing greatly to the new wave of Japanese modernist art. Some of his most memorable paintings such as the paintings depicting the four seasons has been created in Hayama where he came to live from 1947, just after the war. His passion for creation had endured until his final years, creating a panel painting Kaede (Maple Tree) for a cedar door of the new imperial palace in 1968.
    A total of 115 paintings will be displayed for this exhibition, covering his early works till his final years. Apart from works representing each epoch, there will be his early oil paintings, dessins and sketches which demonstrate the artist's mind at work.

We would also like to remind visitors that the HOSHUN YAMAGUCHI MEMORIAL HALL, which is 3 minutes walk away, will be holding an exhibition entitled "Art of YAMAGUCHI Hoshun in Hayama - Friendship between painter and architect" simultaneously. We highly recommend a visit to this exhibition at the same occasion.

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1. Sunday, 19 November, 14.00-16.00
"Yamaguchi Hoshun and His Art"
by KUSANAGI Natsuko, Director of Hiratsuka Museum of Art

2. Saturday, 2 December, 14.00-16.00
"Showa Era and Hoshun"
by INOIE Ken'ichiro, Professor of Miyagi Gakuin Woman's University

Venue: HAYAMA, Auditorium
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