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ein zeitspiel: christophe charles concert for MOHOLY-NAGY IN MOTION


Christophe Charles: computer & 4-channel sound system "Light-Space Modulator" Room

Moholy-Nagy's masterwork, the "Light Space Modulator", is exhibited in a dark room, in the center of this large retrospective exhibition. The kinetic sculpture is enlightened with a computer-controlled light dimmer, and will be set in movement for 2 minutes from 15:00 to 15:02 and 15:30 to 15:32. The music will be composed and played according to the light and space modulations.

Media artist/Composer Christophe Charles will play his laptop in the room of Moholy-Nagy's kinetic sculpture "Light Space Modulator". Like its film "ein
lichtspiel: schwarz weiss grau (Light Play: Black-White-Gray)" of 1930, it will be the collaboration between light and space, sound and motion, and Moholy-Nagy and Charles.

ein zeitspiel: Christophe Charles concert for MOHOLY-NAGY IN MOTION Saturday 25 June 2011 15.00-16.00/ Gallery 2/ HAYAMA No bookings needed, free with exhibition ticket

Christophe Charles biography:
Born Marseille 1964, works with found sounds, and makes compositions using computer programs, insisting on the autonomy of each sound and the absence of hierarchical structure.
Graduated from Tsukuba University and Paris INALCO. Currently Professor at Musashino Art University (Tokyo).

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