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“MULPA: Museum UnLearning Program for ALL” Forum (July 8) [! external event]

The “MULPA: Museum UnLearning Program for ALL” is a first-of-its-kind program whose aim is to “make museums accessible” to “all members in the community” that was proposed by Kanagawa International Foundation, developed and launched last year by the directors, curators of four public museums and art festival coordinators in Kanagawa Prefecture. The project explores what kinds of educational programs and events of art museums can be put on toward the society to respect each other’s differences. Ahead of 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympics, museums participating in MULPA will host a variety of art workshops that are inclusive to all members of society in order to make the museums community hubs in a true sense. The upcoming first MULPA event features a world café-type workshop whose goal is to promote sincere and lively discussion among museum curators as well as museum supporters including volunteers, civil organization members, university students and individuals who have difficulty visiting museums, including those facing physical and language-related barriers, about how museums can be made enjoyable for all.

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