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Visiting the Museum

Floor Guide


Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall Photo
There are reception, museum shop, coin lockers, and elevator in the entrance hall. Flyers and leaflets from other museums are also available. (Photo: ©BAUHAUSNEO)
Annex Cafe Photo
A Café have been added in 2019, to take over from the role of the former Kamakura Museum which closed in 2016. Visitors will be able to delight in the outdoor sculptures as they take a breather. Available without the exhibition ticket. (Photo: ©BAUHAUSNEO)


Annex Gallery Photo
The wall surfaces have been changed from Castor aralia plywood to white-painted cloth during renovations in 2019. (Photo: Yamamoto Tadasu)
Exhibition Lobby
Exhibition lobby Photo
The exhibition lobby provides additional display, lounge areas to take a break, and/or an area for participating workshops. (Photo: Kioku Keizo)


Annex Garden Photo
Since 1960s, architect Otaka Masato was involved in staging outdoor sculpture exhibitions in various places, and left a personal mark on the Annex through the creation of a small-scale sculpture garden. After renovations in 2017-2019, some sculptures has been relocated in the garden of Annex or moved to Hayama. (Photo: ©BAUHAUSNEO)

Floor Plan

Annex Floorplan