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The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama currently houses a collection of about 15,000 works. Through its activities since 1951, the Museum has built close relationships with artists, their families, collectors and art enthusiasts, who have graciously helped to build what is today one of the finest collections housed in a public art museum in Japan.

Collection Highlights

Western-Style Paintings

Our collection of Western-style paintings, focused mainly on oils but including also acrylics, watercolours and sketches, comprises around 3,000 works from important Japanese painters who helped carve out the Japanese tradition of Western-style painting from the late nineteenth through to the late twentieth century, including Yuichi Takahashi, Tetsugoro Yorozu, Ryusei Kishida, Harue Koga, Shunsuke Matsumoto, and Saburo Aso, as well as those active on an international stage such as Yasukazu Tabuchi and Shimpei Sakakura.

Japanese-Style Paintings

Our collection of Japanese-style works is based around nihon-ga, a genre which originated in the late nineteenth century as a modern form of painting, produced with with nikawa resin on paper or silk fabric. The collection focuses particularly around post-war artists who pursued a unique form of expression, such as Tamako Kataoka, Makoto Mikami, Masayoshi Nakamura, Hoshun Yamaguchi, and Fuku Shoji. Together with also our ancient mandalas and suiboku-ga (monochrome ink paintings) works, the collection numbers around 350.


Our 600-strong collection of sculptures runs the gamut from traditional cast bronze pieces and stone and wooden carvings, through to contemporary works using a myriad of different materials. As well as a fantastic line-up of Japanese sculptors working in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries such as Teijiro Nakahara and Kozaburo Takeishi, and post-war figures such as Masakazu Horiuchi, Yoshitatsu Yanagihara, Isamu Wakabayashi, Masaaki Nishi, Kazuo Yuhara and Haruhiko Yasuda, we also have works from renowned Western sculptors of the likes of Auguste Rodin and Antony Gormley.


Our print collection numbering around 5,800 pieces comprises an impressive selection of work from Japanese artists involved with the creative printing movement in the 1930s such as Yasunori Taninaka and Yoshio Fujimaki, key post-war printers such as Shiko Munakata, Chimei Hamada and Yozo Hamaguchi, and contemporary printmakers like Hitoshi Karasawa. As far as overseas artists go, we have works by Francisco Goya and Max Klinger, a number Chinese woodblock prints, and artists principally known for their painting and sculpture works including Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall.


Our photograph section, which is a recent addition to our collection, is still not particularly extensive. We are in the process of building up a collection of works that can also be put to use as research materials, including works by photographers such as Shigeo Anzai and Naoya Hatakeyama who have been the subject of Special Exhibitions at the museum, not to mention work by artists involved with the Experimental Workshop and a series by Kijuro Yahagi.


Our crafts collection contains work by Rosanjin Kitaojia and Shoji Hamada, ceramics by Pablo Picasso, kimono and textiles by Rikizo Munehiro, dyed textiles by Samiro Yunoki, and glass items by Toshichi Iwata and Hisatoshi Iwata. The collection bequeathed by Shoko Kinoshita is introduced under ‘Former private collections’.