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KAMAKURA ANNEX Current & Upcoming Exhibitions


KAMAKURA ANNEX April 29, 2023 – September 3, 2023

YOSHIMURA HiroshiAmbience of Sound, Sound of Ambience

Yoshimura Hiroshi (1940–2003), a pioneer of ambient music since the early 1970s, composed the original sound trademark (sound logo) for the Hayama and former Kamakura Museum, which is still played in the Hayama Museum in the opening and closing time. This exhibition invites you into the unknown world of Yoshimura Hiroshi to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his passing, introducing his various endeavors in music, photography, video works, performances, and sound installations with Kosugi Takehisa (1938–2018) and Suzuki Akio (1941– ). Be sure to experience the sound logo of the former Kamakura Museum, which will be revived at the Kamakura Annex after a seven-year absence.
Image: Color slide film by Yoshimura Hiroshi, year unknown, Museum collection


KAMAKURA ANNEX December 9, 2023 – February 12, 2024

Images and Signs: Art in the 1960s

The 1960s was a time when the institution of art was questioned. Works of art appeared that questioned the very nature of art as a form based on symbols and topology, using dry humor to deconstruct the images that overwhelmed society. The 9th Tokyo Biennale in 1967, which introduced the international jury system, reflected how art and society intersected. The exhibition features works from the museum collection, as well as works by Inoue Chozaburo (1906–1995), Horiuchi (Horiuti) Masakazu (1911–2001), Sugimata Tadashi (1914–1994), Aso Saburo (1913–2000), Iida Yoshikuni (1923–2006), Takamatsu Jiro (1936–1998), and Wakabayashi Isamu (1936–2003).
Image: Wakabayashi Isamu, S/P Following C [Restoration to the original], 1967, Museum collection. photo: ©Ueno Norihiro


KAMAKURA ANNEX February 23, 2024 – May 6, 2024

KOGANEZAWA Takehito×SANO Shigejiro: Drawing / Cinema

Featuring two artists, contemporary and from the museum's collection, this exhibition will provide a reading from a single perspective. The exhibition introduces the work of Koganezawa Takehito, who has developed a diverse range of media from painting to video and three-dimensional works, and Sano Shigejiro, whose work in book design and illustration with unique hand-drawn text and line drawings is as beloved as his oil paintings. How does "drawing," rendering an image with lines, differ from illustration? What is the sense of movement brought about by the sequence of images? This exhibition will explore the boundaries of two-dimensional expression, focusing on the colors and lines created by the artist's hands and eyes.
Images: [above] Koganezawa Takehito, Self Portrait in a Forest, 2021, Artist collection; [below] Sano Shigejiro, le plus demande en France et dans le monde, year unknown, Museum collection


KAMAKURA ANNEX September 16, 2023 – November 26, 2023

SHOJI Fuku: Trips, Sketches, and DrawingsFrom the Museum Collection

Shoji Fuku (1910–2002), known as a painter of travel and contemplation, depicted the weight and temporality of existence in an exquisite manner using stones, soil, and natural scenery as her subjects. Along with completed Japanese-style paintings, this exhibition presents sketches and drawings left behind from her travels throughout Japan and to China, India, and Cambodia. The exhibition will explore the essence of the artist's work and her unique perspective on the motifs she created through her exploration of diverse worldviews.
Image: Shoji Fuku, Four Stones (Study for Time), 1985, Museum collection