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Floor Guide


Entrance Hall

To improve accessibility for seniors and people with physical disabilities, the building has been made barrier-free, and most of the facilities open to visitors have been arranged on the ground floor.


Gallery 1 and 2 are designed to use natural light which facilitates the view. Gallery 3 has a window overlooking the sea. Gallery 4 is known to hold small experimental temporary exhibitions.

Resting place & lounge

Resting spaces where visitors may relax after the exhibition by watching the exterior view have been provided for.


At the auditorium, equipped with multi-purpose audio-visual system, conferences, film shows and other diverse activities are held.


Our restaurant offers casual ambiance, magnificent view of the Isshiki beach and original regional seafood menu.

Museum shop

The shop offers a variety of original items based on objects and motifs in this Museum Collection such as seals, scarf and mugs.We also offer accessories, woodcuts, engravings which are specially made by the artists that are closely related to our Museum.


Museum Library

The Museum Library is sited in B1 floor of Hayama building.
Despite being underground, a wide window opens up to a magnificent view of Sangaoka. Why not further the experience of the exhibition in this tranquil and comfortable library?


From the garden overlooking the Sagami bay, there is a bower surrounded by sculptures of NISHI Masaaki and, amongst the trees other open air sculptures by artists such as LEE Ufan, NISHI Masaaki and YASUDA Haruhiko add brilliance to the scenery. We invite visitors to enjoy this delightful encounter between art and nature.