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Floor Guide (The Opening of KAMAKURA Ended)



The inner garden is surrounded by a building in style of a corridor. It gives a square view of the sky when one stands in the middle of the garden.
In the center lies "Kokeshi" (wooden Japanese doll) by Isamu NOGUCHI and other works such as "Work ? 55" by KIMURA Kentar?.

Sculpture Gallery

Oya stone and glass partitions off this semi open air space. Artworks fitting to the ongoing exhibition are usually exhibited. Passing from interior to exterior, visitors may appreciate the work and its environment.


The terrace facing the pond is one of the best location of the KAMAKURA building to admire the view. From the rainy season to summer, lotus flowers in the pond and in autumn, the Japanese wax tree and gingko colors. The pond is the habitat for birds like kingfishers and herons. No doubt, the view of the changing seasons will be a delightful pause during the visit to the exhibition.



The gallery space consist of gallery 1, which is in the form of an "L" and gallery 2, which is small and square. It is not spacious but the characteristic shape of the gallery space and the artworks exposed alters the effect of the exhibition every time.


KAMAKURA building was designed to resemble a salon, a place where visitors may converse, hence the placement of the cafe where one can admire plainly the Heike pond. The grand terrace offers an exceptional moment in the "MoMA Kamakura" experience where visitors may appreciate the beauty of each season.

Floor Plan

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