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Satomi Katsuzo, Still Life, 1930

Satomi Katsuzo, Still Life, 1930, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art

The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama

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Aspects of Modern Art in Japan

13 January - 25 March 2007

When we review flow of the development of art and regard each work attentively, there surfaces many aspects. There surely exists various ways of appreciation apart from appreciating the actual work and sympathizing with the thoughts and life of the artist. This exhibition entitled "Aspects of Modern Art in Japan" has been programmed to offer several ways of observing the complexity between art and its epoch through the relationship with other domains of art, the thoughts of the artists and the characteristic of the epoch. The complementary bibliographical documents and explanations should add to the pleasure of discovering the illuminating relationship between modernity and art. For this, eight themes has been established to examine the diverse aspects which emerged between the end of Meiji epoch and the early Showa epoch when modernity in Japan came to existence.

Theme 1: Techniques and materials of modern Japanese oil paintings
Theme 2: Corporal expression - based on YOROZU Tetsugoro "Nude with parasol"
Theme 3: Celebrated mountain to deification - development of the image of Mt. Fuji
Theme 4: Still life - fragment as entirety
Theme 5: Montage of the city
Theme 6: Discovery of the adolescence image
Theme 7: Regard towards East Asia
Theme 8: Modern poetry and modeling

[Related programs]
1. Tripartite Discussions

Sunday, 14 January, 14.00-16.00
by AOKI Shigeru (Professor, Bunsei University of Art) / SATO Doshin (Associate Professor, Tokyo National University of Fine arts and Music) / YAMANASHI Toshio (Director, The Museum of Modern Art Kamakura & Hayama)
Venue: HAYAMA, Auditorium

Admission free, 70 places, booking by FAX required
Send FAX with your name, adress, and Tel/Fax number until 8 days before to the lecture: F.046-875-2968

2. Series Lectures
"Ways of seeing Japanese Modern Art - 5 viewpoints"

Saturday, 18 February, 10.30 - 12.30
"From the end of Tokugawa shogunate to the Meiji epoch: TAKAHASHI Yuichi and KANO Hogai"
by FURUTA Ryo (Assistant professor, Tokyo National University of Fine arts and Music)

Saturday, 18 February, 14.00 - 16.00
"Japanese painting of mid-Meiji epoch: YOKOYAMA Taikan and HISHIDA Shunso"
by SHIOYA Jun (Senior researcher, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo)

Sunday, 4 March, 10.30 - 12.30
"Studying the Occident: KURODA Seiki and FUJISHIMA Takeji"
by TANAKA Atsushi (Head of fine arts department, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo)

Sunday, 4 March, 14.00 - 16.00
"Changes in the expression of reality: KISHISDA Ryusei and MURAYAMA Tomoyoshi"
by KITAZAWA Noriaki (Art critic)

Sunday, 18 March, 14.00 - 16.00
"Urban lyricism and beyond: KOGA Harue and MATSUMOTO Shunsuke"
by NAGATA Ken'ichi (Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Venue: HAYAMA, Auditorium
Fee: 1000 for each lecture
70 places for each lecture, booking required
Application: Either fax or post (with returnable postcard) us indicating the number of lecture you wish to participate, your name, address, telephone and fax number 1 week before each lecture to:
The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama
Address: 2208-1 Isshiki, Hayama, 240-0111 Kanagawa

Gallery talk
Wednesday, 21 February / Tuesday, 20 March
Free with exhibition ticket, no bookings needed, meet in the foyer


Mondays (except for 12 February),
13 February, 22 March

Museum hours

9:30-17:00 (the last admission at 16:30)


Adults 1,000 yen (900 yen)
Under 20 and Students 850 yen (750 yen)
65 and over 500 yen

  • 20 or more persons' group are reduction charge in brackets.
  • Students under high school age are no charge. Disabled visitors are also no charge.


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