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Museum Library

The Museum Library in HAYAMA is an admission-free reference library. Despite being underground, a wide window opens up to a magnificent view of Sangaoka. Why not further the experience of the exhibition in this tranquil and comfortable library?

Business hours: 9:30 - 17:00
Copying services until 16:30.
Closed day: Same as those for galleries at HAYAMA.

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Reading Room

Past exhibition catalogs of our museum as well as other national museums, books destined for children (picture books, etc.) and various art magazines are at your disposal for viewing.
There are also special documentation materials on display related to the ongoing exhibition at HAYAMA, KAMAKURA and KAMAKURA ANNEX.

Museum Library comprises about 91,000 books (As of March 2018).

  • The resources can be used only in the reading room.
  • There is a DVD and CD facility (1 machine). Should you wish to use it, please present yourself at the counter after selecting from the DVD/CD list placed at your disposal.
  • There are brochures of regional exhibitions and events at the entrance of the reading room.

Using the Library

Its resources include books and periodicals on fine arts, exhibition catalogs, and so on. The Museum Library supports and contributes to art-historical research.

Copying services

The materials can be photocopied except for the rare or fragile and those protected by the copy-right law.

  • Black and White copies: 10 yen per page / Color copies: 40 yen per page.
  • Staffs are available to direct your requests for permission to take photos of research resources.

Special Collection

There are also several special collections of art publications and documents which used to be owned by artists, art historians, and art critics.

  • YAMAGUCHI Hoshun Library - Book collection of Japanese style painter YAMAGUCHI Hoshun (1893-1971), who had spent his postwar days at Hayama
  • YASHIRO Yukio Library - Book collection etc. of art historian YASHIRO Yukio (1890-1975)
  • NAKADA Sadanosuke Library - Book collection of art critic NAKADA Sadanosuke (1888-1970)


Telephone: 046-875-2800
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