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Privacy policy

Below are the policies concerning the collecting, use, presentation, maintenance and deletion of personal information on the website of the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama. They are based on the Personal Information Protection Regulation of the Kanagawa prefecture.

Personal Information

"Personal information" indicates personal data such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. They are individual identifying informations including types of information in which identification may be possible by collation with other information.

Restriction concerning the collected personal information

When the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama collects personal information via its website, the intention is specified in the "Personal Information Administration Register" and is conducted in a limited extent necessary.

Restriction concerning the use and presentation of personal information

The personal information given from users will be used and presented in the limited extent of intention of use. The personal information will not be used otherwise nor will it be presented to any third parties outside of the museum except to the extent necessary to comply with applicable regulations or when there is a consent of the individual concerned.

Publication of personal information

When personal information is presented on the museum's website, as a general rule, it will be after having received permission of the individual concerned and only under close scrutiny.

Maintenance and deletion of personal information

The collected personal information will be safeguarded with utmost care to avoid any leakage or alteration. For those informations no longer necessary for the intention of use will be promptly deleted without fail.

Revision of the privacy policy

The content of the privacy policy mentioned above are liable to be revised for amelioration.