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Study of "Unreadable Book", 1955, University of Parma, CSAC/ ©  Bruno Munari. All rights reserved to Maurizio Corraini srl. Courtesy by Alberto Munari

7 April - 10 June 2018

Bruno Munari
Conservare lo spirito dell’infanzia (Keeping the Childhood Spirit)

Bruno Munari (1907-1998) is an Italian artist, designer, writer, and educator. This exhibition is composed of approximately 320 works, including 150 or so that are being shown in Japan for the first time, and spanning Munari’s entire career.

Ghiju Saito, Demon, 1957

7 April - 10 June 2018

From Museum Collection
Pleasure of Abstraction

The dynamic development of Abstract painting attempted throughout the twentieth century was identifiable more or less concurrently in Japan, too. Introduced from our collection are 22 examples of Japanese Abstraction, which continues to evolve diversely even today. We hope you will enjoy the diverse and rich world of Abstract expressions.

Figure ere ibeji, Nigeria, Yoruba, Collection of the National Museum of Ethnology

23 June - 2 September 2018

The Collection of the National Museum of Ethnology: Shell Road
[Gallery 1] From Museum Collection: Is Painting Still?

Introduced in this exhibition are approximately 160 examples of Oceanian, African, and Asian shellwork from the collection of the National Museum of
Ethnology. We hope that while discovering the richness of their forms, you will be able to understand their social backgrounds or the cultures of everyday life and reconsider how our relationship with shells has been fostered.

Aalto in his atelier, 1945. © Alvar Aalto Museum, photo: Eino Mäkinen

15 September - 25 November 2018

Alvar Aalto
Second Nature

Introducing the creative world and sense of designs of Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), a leading Finnish architect of the twentieth century, this is an exhibition of Vitra Design Museum and the Alvar Aalto Museum, touring the world. More than 300 works, vintage products, and reference materials will be on display.

MATSUMOTO Shunsuke, "Building", 1935

15 September - 25 November 2018

From Museum Collection
Buildings in Picures

Presented here are works on the theme of architecture. We have selected seventy or so pictures and sculptures in which "buildings" of all ages and countries apper, such as structures or ruines an artist came across while traveling and worlds in the artist's memories or imagination.

HORIUTI Masakazu, Winking MiMi-chan, 1967, Museum collection

8 December - 24 March 2019

HORIUTI Masakazu
Curious Minds, Joyful Forms

A retrospective of HORIUTI Masakazu (1911-2001), a sculptor of postwar Japan. So that you can familiarize yourself more with abstract aculpture, in this exhibition, together with finished works, unpublished sketches and memos, etc. are introduced to reexamine the artist.

KAWABATA Minoru, Work, 1962, on loan

8 December - 24 March 2019

From Museum Collection
Forms in the Modern Art

In Japanese, generally speaking, the word "modan [modern]" is used when referring to something "up-to-date" and further, "stylish." On the other hand, the word modan itself can even sound "retro," but it originally refers to "novelty." Presented here are "forms of novelty" artists of different periods in the twentieth century attempted.


Kamakura Annex

Kamakura Annex (photo: UENO Norihiro)

4 September - 30 September 2019

Closed for renovations until September 2019

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the temporary closure of the Kamakura Annex and hope you will look forward to its renewal scheduled in October 2019.

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