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On screening and operation: MOHOLY-NAGY IN MOTION

In the exhibition, following works of/about Moholy-Nagy are screened and operated every day.
Please note the total number of hours to look at all of them.

Gallery 1
"Dynamic of the Big City" 7 min.
Reference exhibits which were produced in 2005/06 by Berlin University of the Arts, based on Moholy-Nagy's Screenplay.

Gallery 2
"Light Space Modulator"(1922-30/2006) is operated in the following schedule, ca. 2 minutes each time.

  10:00 / 10:30 / 11:00 / 11:30 / 12:00 / 12:30
  13:00 / 13:30 / 14:00 / 14:30 / 15:00 / 15:30
  16:00 / 16:30 / 16:50

This work is displayed with changing illuminations during the day.

Gallery 3
"Ein Lichtspiel Schwarz-Weiss-Grau (Light Play: Black-White-Gray)" (1930) 6 min.
"Impressionen vom alten Marseiller Hafen (Vieux Port) (Impressions from the Old Marseilles Harbor (Vieux Port))"(1929) 9 min.
"Berliner Stilleben (Berlin Still Life)" (1931) 9 min.
"Gross-Stadt Zigeuner (Big City Gypsies)"(1932) 11 min.
"Architects’ Congress"(1933) 29 min.
"The New Architecture and the London Zoo"(1936) 16 min.
"Lobsters"(1935) 16 min.
80 color slides projection(1934-46): appr.8 min.

Following films are also projected in big screed in Gallery 4 (9:30-16:30).
"Impressionen vom alten Marseiller Hafen (Vieux Port) (Impressions from the Old Marseilles Harbor (Vieux Port))", "Berliner Stilleben (Berlin Still Life)", "Gross-Stadt Zigeuner (Big City Gypsies)", "The New Architecture and the London Zoo", "Lobsters", "Architects’Congress"

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