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"Shin 'Gekijo no Sanka' 1925>>2012” (New 'Sanka in the Theater")

Poster of the Sanka in the Theater, 1925

"Gekijo no Sanka" (Sanka in the Theater) was an event held at the Tsukiji Shogekijo (Tsukiji Small Theater) on the 30th May 1925. Artists of avant-gardist group Sanka (The Third Section), including MURAYAMA Tomoyoshi, performed experimental play and dance.
On the occasion of the first retrospective of MURAYAMA Tomoyoshi, contemporary artists from various genres interpret the spirit and fever of Sanka and Murayama in the 1920s.

MAKIGAMI Kouichi(Musician),
YANAGI Miwa(Artist),
FORMANT Brothers(Composers Unit),
SAKAI Yukina(Choreographer,Dancer)

Saturday, March 3, 2012 18.00-20.00
HAYAMA, in the gallery (standing only).
Ticket fee: 3,000 yen

For tickets, please contact IWAGAMI Roppei Office
(Tel.046-876-0712; e-Mail: URL: )
On 3rd March, ticket is available at the museum shop of HAYAMA.

Grants from: Nomura Foundation

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