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Lecture series: WAR/ART- no.1: SAWARAGI Noi on July 27

Related to the exhibition "WAR / ART 1940-1950" at HAYAMA, we presents our annual Lecture series with the theme of "WAR / ART".

Admission : 1,000 yen each
Language : Japanese
Venue : Auditorium, HAYAMA
Bookings: please send FAX or return postcard with the following information;
1. date of lecture
2. Your name, address, tel/fax, e-mail address
3. name(s) of accompanying person(s)

to: The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama, Lecture Series "WAR/ART"
2208-1, Isshiki, Hayama, 240-0111 Kanagawa

- No. 01 - 
July 27. Sat.
Lecturer : SAWARAGI Noi
Art critic / Professor, Tama Art University

- No. 02 - 
August 10. Sat.
Lecturer : FURUKAWA Takahisa
Professor, Nihon University / College of Humanities and Sciences

- No. 03 - 
Augut 24. Sat.
Lecturer : OZAWA Setsuko
Researcher, Modern history

- No. 04 - 
August 31. Sat.
Lecturer : MITSUDA Yuri
Art critic

- No. 05 - 
September 7. Sat.
Lecturer : TSUBOI Hideto
Professor, Nagoya University / Graduate School of Letters

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