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Yunoki Samiro

Yunoki Samiro

Size: 21×15cm
Pages: 48pages
Fiscal Year of Issue: 2012 fiscal year
Price: 920yen(before tax)


This is an exhibition of dyed works including new ones by YUNOKI Samiro (b.1922), who will be 90 this year. While studying art history at university, due to the war, YUNOKI had to leave for the front. After being demobilized, he began working at Ohara Museum of Art in his ancestral hometown, Kurashiki. There, he came across the “Mingei [folk art]” advocated by YANAGI Soetsu. Through studying under SERIZAWA Keisuke, he proceeded into the field of dyeing.

While being based on “Mingei,” YUNOKI's works have a humorous airiness, which is unrestricted by fixed styles and might be described the soaring of his liberal spirit. Trough many years of work, he has reached a harmonious world of bright colors and lively forms.

In this exhibition, along with the stencil dyed textiles, we will also be showing the books which the artist has been working on vigorously. MURAYAMA Ado (1925-2002) is a children's playwright, whose father was the artist, playwright, and stage director MURAYAMA Tomoyoshi and mother the poet and children's story writer Kazuko. YUNOKI created numerous picture books and watercolors based on writings left by the late MURAYAMA Ado. In the series entitled Images in the Night, collages of small pieces of cloth interlock with the words. A requiem for the night, in which light disappears without leaving any traces, should reach us as the sound of“raindrops”.

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