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2003 fiscal year

440 yen(before tax)

Open from October 11, 2003 through January 25,2004, the exhibition features approximately 180 works of Japanese contemporary art selected from the more than 9,500 Japanese art works in the Museum’s collections, one of the leading collections in the field.
These works were presented in the new galleries in seven thematic sections:
  1. The crisis of nationalistic aesthetics: New movements in Nihonga painting
  2. Tradition and renewal in western-style oil paintings
  3. The development of an experimental spirit: Avant-garde movements in post-war Japan
  4. Beyond national and cultural boundaries: Japanese artists abroad
  5. Popular revolt: The power of the vernacular over modernism
  6. Contemporary art in Japan since the 1970s
  7. Sculptural Works Through their presentation of selected works, these sections will themselves propose new perspectives for our examination of the development of art during the past fifty years in Japan.

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