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MATSUMOTO Shunsuke : A Centennial Retrospective

MATSUMOTO Shunsuke : A Centennial Retrospective


414 pages

2012 fiscal year

2,366 yen(before tax)


Born in Tokyo, MATSUMOTO Shunsuke (1912-1948) spent his boyhood in Iwate. Having resolved to become an artist, he moved to Tokyo and painted while mingling with artists such as FUNAKOSHI Yasutake and ASO Saburo. After being accepted for the first time at The 22nd Nikaten in 1935, he continued to present representative works such as “Standing Figure”. While painting urban landscapes with a unique atmosphere employing montage and self-portraits, together with his wife, Teiko, he was also involved in literary activities such as the inauguration of the monthly magazine “Zakkicho”, which featured drawings and essays. However, in 1948, he died of an illness at the age of 36. Commemorating the centennial of the artist’s birth, together with approximately 120 oil paintings and watercolors dating from early on in his career to his later years, also on show are materials illustrating his relationship with other artists and photographs taken by Shunsuke himself.

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