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Thank you for visiting the website of The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama (hereafter "the Museum"). This website is maintained by the Museum. Prior to accessing the service, please read the following policy and agree to it.


This website policy is susceptible to change. Its latest version will be posted, when it comes into effect. It is encouraged to check the latest one.

The Museum is liable to change the administration, the structure, the contents, the URL, etc. of the website without prior notice and to stop or terminate the whole website or its part.

None of "link sites," external website linked from and/or to this website, is under the control of the Museum.


The copyright and other rights of all contents (texts, images, data, etc.) on this website belong to their copyright holders, providers, and/or the Museum. The contents are protected by the Copyright Law of Japan or other countries and the treaties concluded among them. They may not be used beyond personal appreciation. The alteration, reproduction, lease, loan, redistribution, publication, sales, transmission, broadcast, or any other use by the third party is strictly prohibited without permission of the copyright holders and the Museum.

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