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The Ghiju Saito Archives

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Having held an exhibition of Ghiju (Yoshishige) Saito's works at our Museum in 1999, after the artist's death in 2001, in 2002, we received the reference materials that belonged to the artist from his bereaved family. Among them, some of the works and reference materials such as drawings and maquettes were introduced in the exhibition Archives of Ghiju Saito held at the Hayama Building in 2004. However, a large number of reference materials such as letters, notebooks, pocketbooks, and photographs still remain unsorted and await to be made accessible to the public and utilized.
We were able to rearrange these materials and digitize some of the images in fiscal 2017. Part of these efforts have been made accessible on our website as the Ghiju Saito Archives. We shall continue to put these materials in order and make them available to art museums and researchers in Japan and abroad.

This project was adopted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as a Fiscal 2017 Project to Promote Contemporary Japanese Art Abroad.

Ghiju Saito in Venice, 1960

Ghiju Saito in Venice, 1960