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The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama offers learning programs for audiences of all ages, from small children to adults. For current and upcoming programs , please check the “Events”. Here are some categories we have all year round.

  • Workshops


    Our year-round program of workshops provides adults and children alike the chance to create, think in new ways, and approach art from a new angle.

  • Lectures


    In addition to our year-round program of one-off lectures and panel discussions with artists and specialists, we hold an annual lecture series inviting a variety of guest speakers to provide different perspectives on one theme.

  • Film Screenings, Concerts and Performances

    Film Screenings, Concerts and Performances

    To complement our exhibitions, we also plan a variety of events exploring an assortment of contemporary forms of expression

  • Art Seminars

    Art Seminars

    Our diverse program of seminars ranges from those aimed at people wishing to find out more about art, to those by curators presenting the results of their research.

  • Gallery Talks / Artist Talks

    Gallery Talks / Artist Talks

    We offer a variety of gallery talks by exhibition curators, and artist talks by creators whose works are currently on display.

  • Stamp-Collecting Trails and Special Projects

    Stamp-Collecting Trails and Special Projects

    As well as a stamp-collecting trail encouraging children to explore the Kamakura area, we have also teamed up with external organizations to offer a variety of special activities and programs making museums more accessible to all strata of society.

Children & Families

Click to see what there is to do at the museum for families. We have various programs and events all year round.

Education Support

Click to see the information about school visits, educational supports, learning programs for educators, and internships / trainings for University students.

Learning Resources

Reference guide on the published materials which introduce our activities and collection.