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The Sculpture Garden is open to the public until November 5, 2017 except for Mondays.

Kamakura Annex, Garden / 2017

Opening hours: 9:30-17:00
Admission free

*The museum building is closed.
*Toilet, coin locker, and museum shop are not be available due to closure of the building.
*The stamp for stamp rally of "Museum-meguri" (a round of visits to the museums in Kamakura-Komachi area) is placed at the front of the ticket office from September 5 to November 5, 2017. We are sorry but the premiums for "Museum-meguri" are not given at the Kamakura Annex from September 4, 2017.

Open-air sculptures in the garden:
INOUE Reiko, "Shadow Figure", 1988
UEMATSU Keiji, "Floating Form - Axis", 1994
ODA Jo, "Development of a Cylinder", 1983
TADA Minami, "Time and Space", 1980
YANAGIHARA Yoshitatsu, "Song of the Dog", 1983
YUHARA Kazuo, "Untitled", 1982
WATANABE Toyoshige, "SWING 86-01", 1986