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Kinoshita Shoko Collection

Kinoshita Shoko Collection

Fiscal Year of Issue: 2005 fiscal year
Price: 430yen(before tax)

The museum received a donation of the collection of Japanese painter Kinoshita Shoko (1926-98) known also for his talent as an antique collector. This exhibition is to praise this generous donation of 34 pieces.

The uniqueness of Kinoshita Shoko collection is the fact that diverse masterpieces had been gathered from different periods in history. From the medieval period to modern, they include rare Mandara paintings of the Kamakura period, paintings such by early Edo period painter Tawaraya Sotatsu, calligraphy and pottery of Kitaoji Rosanjin, and a few masterpieces of tea ceremony instruments such as Furosaki Byobu, Nakatsugi and Katakuchi.

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